Quality Certificates

Quality as the most essential feature of the product

Omerastore GmbH is the supplier for Glass Coated Steel Sheets for Bolted Tanks as well as any accessories but does not have its own production. The Enamelling Plant belongs to Omeras GmbH as well as all other departments involved in the Production Process. That's why you may find the name of Omeras GmbH on all of the following documents.

The enameled plates are constantly inspected in accordance with strict rules and regulations with narrow tolerances.
The procedures are subject to ongoing improvement and are based on the following norms and standards:

The European Enamel Association (EEA) checks the Enameling Process on a regular basis according to EEA 7.20/ 7.24 / 7.25 which equals European Standard DIN EN ISO 28765.
Our License No. is 202.

The Quality Management and Production Flow are constantly being checked by Third Party Inspection (DEKRA) and successfully certified according to ISO 9001:2008.
Welding Certificate

The Steelworks and Welding Process are also under constant controls - this Certificate confirms we are working according to DIN EN 1090-2.
This Certificate confirms that OMERASTORE Glass Coated Steel Tanks and Silos are suitable for Drinking / Potable Water and fulfill ANSI 61 regulations.